5 stars

Kim, a home-schooling mom of an algebra student:
"Michele was a pleasure to work with, both for my son, who was struggling with some algebra concepts and for me. She was encouraging to us both and my son thought she was fun to work with. He has much more confidence in algebra since working with Michele for only three weeks. I would recommend Michele for any students struggling with math at any level."

Yvette, the mom of a high school algebra student:
"Michele greatly improved my daughter's math skills and grade. She is very patient, dedicated and explains things clearly. She made sure my daughter not only understood the concepts and fundamentals but gave her the confidence she needed to succeed in algebra."

Pam, the mom of a home-schooled 5th grader:
"We have seen such a turnaround in her attitude and abilities that sometimes we have to 'double-take' her to make sure it's really her!"

Andrea, a school principal and mom of an algebra student:
"Michele did a wonderful job explaining various mathematical concepts to my child. She was very patient and worked diligently to help him understand the material. She was always prepared and very professional. I highly recommend her to any math student."

Michelle, the mother of an algebra student:
"We worked with Michele Williams for the last couple months of the 2013 school year. My son, in the 8th grade, is really challenged when it comes to math!!! He was making 50's and 60's on his daily math homework, and 20's and 30's on his quizzes. After a few sessions with Michele his daily grades and quiz scores were greatly improving! She was very patient with him, and was able to communicate with him in a way that he understood! I am looking forward to working with her in the coming school year to help my son get a jump start in high school math!"

Ben, an 8th grader:
"I was struggling with some concepts in 8th grade algebra , but when Michele started to explain things I caught on very quickly . She was very helpful in explaining things to me."

5 stars

I also received 4.9 out of 5 stars with a national tutoring service, based on 30 ratings from parents and students.

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