Math Can Be Fun: A Parent's Guide to Engaging Kids in Math

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    Math should not be drudgery! And the person to convince parents that math can be FUN and then convince the parents that they can directly influence their child’s perception about math is Michele Williams. Math Can Be Fun: A Parent’s Guide to Engaging Kids in Math by Michele Williams, Ph.D. can be read in a couple of hours but could make a world of difference to your young child’s success in math now and throughout his studies.

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5-Star Reviews

5 stars

"This is a perfect guide for any parent struggling to help their child in math." -- T. Curnow, Cincinnati, OH

"Every chapter comes with helpful examples and practical steps a parent can implement right away in order to boost his child's interest and ability in math. I highly recommend this book for any parent who's got a child in a math class, whether they're having trouble or not." -- Doug Gibson, Asheville, NC

"I can't wait to start all the fun tips and games I learned in this book with my 5 year old granddaughter." -- Susan C., Burnsville, NC

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Math really can be fun! In just a couple of hours of reading you can learn how to improve your children's math performance.

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