Monthly Archives: September 2014

Say the magic word!

It makes me sad when I hear a student say something like “I can’t do fractions” or “I’m not good at long division.” I don’t feel sad just because they feel they lack a certain skill. What really gets to me is that they seem to have given up on ever attaining that skill. They […]

Math can be fun!

Making math fun isn’t really about cartoons, but if you get the joke, I’m pretty sure it will put a smile on your face. (If you don’t, go ask your favorite high school student.) For me, making math fun is about finding creative ways to help a student understand the material and its relevance. It’s […]

              A friend recently asked me how I get my students to enjoy learning math. My answer was “The 3 E’s: Enthusiasm, Engagement, Encouragement.” These are the keys to the math tutoring kingdom, and here’s why. Enthusiasm. If I come to a session looking bored, it’s pretty much guaranteed […]

In a 2002 paper, Dr. Gene Fitea concluded that “Students who can read fluently can do anything academically.” He cites a 1999 study by MacGregor and Price that concluded that “Vocabulary, number and symbol senses, as well as the ability to read and comprehend word problems are important factors affecting achievement in math.” They also […]